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Unsolicited Faxes

People still send and receive faxes. But unscrupulous businesses still clutter facsimile inboxes with junk faxes.

The federal Telephone Consumer Protection Act (TCPA) and state laws like the Washington Consumer Protection Act (e.g., see RCW 80.36.530) regulate how and when businesses can send you faxes. In some cases, people can recover $500 or more in statutory damages for each junk fax they receive and obtain court orders to stop the businesses from sending any more illegal faxes.

If you receive junk faxes, then do not throw them away. Instead, keep the faxes, along with any log of your receiving the faxes, and contact Sound Justice in Seattle to discuss your rights under the TCPA and state law to recover all remedies to which you are entitled.

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