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Notice Given to Class who Received Taxi Text Messages

Posted by on November 26, 2014

On February 27, 2014, in Torrey Gragg vs. Orange Cab Company, Inc. and Ridecharge, Inc., C12-057RSL, Dkt. #119 (W.D. Wash.), United States District Judge Robert S. Lasnik certified a class action lawsuit against Orange Cab Company, Inc. and Ridecharge, Inc. These companies appear to have sent many thousands of uninvited commercial text messages to residents of Washington State in violation of Washington's Commercial Electronic Mail Act ("CEMA"), RCW 19.190.010, et seq. Recipients may have a claim to recover at least $500 in statutory damages for each text message they received.

If you are a class member, then you have until December 26, 2014 to exclude yourself from the lawsuit. Otherwise, if you do nothing, then your claims against Orange Cab and Ridecharge for sending these text messages will be resolved in this case. For more information, visit http://taxitextmessageclassaction.com/.

The plaintiffs in this case are represented by attorneys Albert H. Kirby of the Sound Justice Law Group, PLLC and Donald W. Heyrich of Heyrich Kalish McGuigan, PLLC.